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Christina is a cosmologist working on galaxy clustering.

Her skills include:

  • Working in areas of theory+model building, observations, n-body simulations
  • Good knowledge of statistics / statistical models
    • Comparing models to data
  • Working with standard pipelines (Boltzmann codes) 
  • Running large codes and dealing with large datasets
    • Submitting jobs to the supercomputer queue
    • Setting up interactive jobs 
  • Using pipelines set up by simulators 
  • Querying simulations (SQL, or interface)
    • Millenium 
    • Tau 
  • Using Python or C / C++ to manipulate datasets, often wrapping C in Python to speed up operations
  • Knowledge of using appropriate Python packages, such as:

    • emcee
    • Healpy
    • pandas
    • NumPy 
    • Matplotlib
    • Astropy
    • SciPy
    • Scikit-learn
  • N-body simulations
    • Gadget 
  • Collaboration and leadership
    • Managing a large number of international collaborators
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