Learner profile of a

Plasma Simulation Astrophysicist

Spacecat Q. Spacecat is a plasma astrophysicist whose research is on plasma simulation. Their skills include:

  • Unix 
  • Bash shell scripting
  • Makefiles (including compiling, linking, and installing simulation packages)
  • Programming in Fortran 90
  • Visualization software (such as VisIt)
  • Python
    • NumPy
    • SciPy
    • Astropy
    • Matplotlib
  • High performance computing
    • PBS scripts to submit jobs
    • Transferring data
  • Working with legacy codes
  • Knowledge of numerical methods
  • Debugging
  • Designing software architecture
  • Writing clean code and understandable documentation
  • Project management for scientific software development
  • Plasma physics
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