Learner profile of a

Radio Astronomer

CosmicFish is a radio astronomer observing fast radio bursts. Their skills include:

  • Writing Python code with knowledge of packages for:
    • Data science:
      • NumPy¬†
      • SciPy
      • pandas
    • Astronomy:
      • Astropy
      • Bilby (gravitational wave package)
    • Machine learning:
      • Scikit-learn
      • Keras
      • TensorFlow
    • Visualisation:
      • Bokeh
      • Matplotlib
      • Seaborn
  • Writing C code with use of appropriate astronomy packages:

    • SOFA
    • DSPSR
  • High performance computing (HPC) skills:

    • Running interactive jobs
    • Submitting to queue
    • Build Python API to Slurm with PySlurm
  • Ability to navigate the Linux command line:
    • Shell scripting (C , bash)
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