Learner profile of an

Integral Field Spectroscoper

Kim researches active galactic nuclei using integral field spectroscopy. She requires many skills for her work, including:

  • Using and reducing data from the following instruments:
    • Infrared IFUs 
    • KCWI (KECK)
  • Fits file handling (3D file viewer/qfitsview)
    • Including scripting in qfitsview
  • Handling data cubes
  • Visualisation (VEUSE)
  • Scientific writing (LaTeX)
  • Tabular data (Excel)
  • IDL packages (data reduction for keck cosmic web imager, osiris IFU)
  • IRAF for data reduction 
  • Using packages such as galfit, discfit
  • VLT data reduction pipelines / ESO pipelines
  • Stellar population modelling (ppxf+starlight)
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