A Beginners Guide to OzSTAR

Accessing OzStar

1.Logging in

Of the 107 login nodes two are used as standard login nodes and these are named farnakle 1/2. These two nodes are the default login connection when you connect from your local machine11 :

ssh -X -Y -t -C <your_username>@ozstar.swin.edu.au


– X : enables X11 forwarding which helps with displaying images through the ssh connection. MUST BE CAPITALISED as lowercase – x  option actually disables X11 forwarding

– Y : enables trusted X11 forwarding

– t : forces pseudo-tty allocation. This is very useful for using any additional screen-based programs such as launching a script through a screen session.

– C : compresses data packets


The default login hard disk space will be in your HOME directory (/home/<your_username>). This directory is one of the two types of locations available to you. It is the default location for your .bashrc  hidden bash configuration file.


You will be required to enter your password every time you connect. If you want to set up an automated login follow this Link for helpful instructions.

2. Aliases and functions

There are a number of useful changes we recommend you implement in your .bash_profile/.bashrc in both your local machine and for your remote Ozstar environment.


2.1 For your local machine


2.2 For your remote OzStar environment

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