2022B HPC training

This training was developed by ADACS at the request of Kieran Luken as part of their 2022B training project. This course is aimed at researchers who are new to using HPC facilities and is intended to be an overview of HPC concepts, how to run jobs, how to efficiently make use of the available resources, and to find out what HPC facilities they can access.

The training topics included:

  • What is HPC?
  • How do I work on an HPC
    • Job schedulers
    • Writing SLURM scripts
    • Job dependencies
    • Array jobs
    • Node types and partitions
  • Parallel computing concepts
    • Types of parallelism
    • Parallel processing with Bash, Slurm, and Python
  • How to get time on HPC in Australia
    • Facilities available
    • How to apply for time
    • How to know how much time to ask for

The course was delivered over two half days on the 15th and 16th of September. The training was delivered remotely, to participants at Western Sydney University