ANITA astroinformatics 2021

Green Computing: Resource use minimisation through automation and optimisation

The school was run as three days of content. The first day was an introduction to ADACS and Australian computing resources, followed by a panel discussion on the topic of “The imperative to reduce carbon emissions in astronomy”. The second two days were comprised 4 sets of 90 minute workshops. The school was held online via Zoom.

Topics covered include:

  • High level optimisation
  • Workflows
  • Profiling
  • Workflow optimisation
  • (SLURM) job packing
  • Containers
  • Parallelism (basic and advanced)
  1. Introduction, high level optimisation, workflows, and profiling
  2. Activity: Simple profiling in bash and python
  3. Workflow optimisation, job packing, and containers
  4. Activity: Better resource usage via parallelism, containers

The workshop content can be found at:

Recordings of all the workshops can be found on YouTube via this playlist.

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