Creating UIs with Django – Hasti Nateghi

I started my internship with ADACS three months after passing my PhD viva (thesis defense). Initially, it seemed quite challenging because almost all the concepts were new to me. However, with the guidance of team leaders and senior members, we identified a project that matched my interests, and I chose to work on a web development project. I began by learning Django, an open-source Python web framework that promotes rapid development and a clean, pragmatic design. Django simplifies the creation of complex, database-driven websites, making it an ideal choice for my project. Alongside Django, I also learned HTML and CSS to handle the front-end aspects of my web application, focusing on creating an intuitive UI. Working in a new environment with supportive colleagues was incredibly exciting. My team members were approachable and always available to help, whether in person or online. This collaborative atmosphere greatly facilitated my learning process. I quickly gained experience in Django and expanded my skill set to include other Python and JavaScript packages. These tools enabled me to create informative visualizations and interactive dashboards, which I integrated into my web applications using libraries such as Bokeh and Chart.js.

Although I didn’t have the opportunity to finish my project and deploy a fully functional application, the entire journey was a valuable learning experience. Every day, I acquired new skills and knowledge, which I believe will be beneficial for my future endeavors. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with ADACS, even though the internship was relatively short.