Research Project Management

This training is designed to teach researchers project management skills that can make both their personal and collaborative projects more efficient. We will cover the following topics.

  • Common examples of inefficient management practices and how we can improve them with project management.
  • How to use the collaboration tool Trello to efficiently manage personal and collaborative projects.
  • How to manage and prioritise your tasks and manage your time more effectively.
  • How to manage your group’s projects, data, software and documentation.
  • The best practices for collaborating on software projects and the software used to create plots and tables in publications.
  • Effective methods to collaborate on large projects, whether it involves software, data analysis, or paper writing.
  • How to create reproducible data and
  • How to version control for your Overleaf papers.

The workshop demonstrates how to use Trello and GitHub to effectively manage your projects and data.

The training materials are all available online:

This training was delivered at Curtin on the 5th of May 2022.