Software Support for GASKAP Imaging

CI: – Dr. N. Pingel

We request a total of six weeks of ADACS support for a comprehensive code audit of YandaSoft, which is a suite of CSIRO software developed for the calibration and imaging of data from radio interferometric telescopes and serves as the core libraries for ASKAPsoft. The primary goals of this audit are to identify instances of inefficient memory management in the existing joint imaging capabilities of YandaSoft and provide a comprehensive assessment of the resources necessary for the implementation of a fully operational joint imaging mode. Suitable test data in the form of gain-calibrated radio interferometric visibilities are available through the Chief Investigator. We anticipate the full scope of this project can be achieved by using a single standard compute node on Swinburne’s OzSTAR supercomputer on which storage and compute accounts have already been secured. The resulting assessment will provide YandaSoft and ASKAPsoft developers a clear path towards the only operational implementation of joint imaging capabilities in a software package designed for a high-performance computing environment. These capabilities are absolutely necessary to complete the Galactic ASKAP survey and will ultimately be extremely valuable for future SKA surveys.