Our skills, expertise, and offerings

Scientific Computing and Software Development Services

A principle component of ADACS is the provision of expertise for the design and development of software tools and infrastructure. . ADACS offers merit-based allocation of professional software support, development and data management services. These services aim to support small-to-intermediate scale tools/platforms. This service is currently limited to the equivalent of one full-time computational scientist.

A diversely qualified team offers a wide pool of expertise covering (but not limited to): System Analysis and Design, Scientific Computing, High-performance Computing, Data Science, Web Development, Large-scale Scientific Databases, Cloud Computing and Scientific Visualisation.

A call for proposals is issued each semester via the ASA mail exploder for project work to be conducted in the following semester. Proposals are ranked according to scientific and computational merit by an ADACS TAC assembled by AAL. The highest ranked proposals that match the ADACS resources available for that semester are selected for delivery.

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