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About Us

We aim to provide astronomy-focused training, support and expertise to allow astronomers to maximise the scientific return from data and computing infrastructure.

Who We Are?

ADACS will be delivered jointly by Swinburne University of Technology, Curtin University, and Pawsey Supercomputing Centre. ADACS is funded under Astronomy National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) Program via Astronomy Australia Ltd (AAL).

Our Vision

There are many computational bottlenecks for astronomers that are a barrier to scientific discovery including increasing demand for more long-term and short-term data storage, computational cycles to process data or perform simulations, and the necessary codes for data processing and simulations. Once the data are processed, its curation and presentation to the outside world requires suitable databases, media and portals. These technical challenges are compounded by modern astronomy facilities that can generate raw data at over 100 terabytes per day, and their intermediate data products often tally to multiple petabytes per year. Thus, a systematic approach to data and computing infrastructure is required to solve these problems for the astronomy community.

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