ADACS aims to coordinate and maximise the computing and storage resources available to astronomers.

In order to achieve this, ADACS will:

  • work with NeCTAR to facilitate wider astronomy usage of their cloud resources, and improve the services provided to astronomers,
  • collaborate with Amazon WebServices, and Microsoft Azure to increase and enhance access for researchers to commercial cloud infrastructure,
  • provide an allocation to the Swinburne research cloud (subject to budget availability),
  • perform the role of coordinating astronomy access to different computing services via the Astronomy Supercomputer Time Allocation Committee (ASTAC) .

Additionally, ADACS will build a software stack to enable the time-allocation committee to provide an easier, faster, and more transparent time-allocation process. This software stack will automate the current manual evaluation processes and improve the efficiency of allocation and utilisation. This will also provide a unified platform for managing all of the astronomy-focussed national computing and storage resources.