A principal component of the ADACS initiative is to empower the astronomy community to harness the potential of the next generation telescopes and astronomy simulations. Internships and hands-on experience are essential parts of our training services. They aim to give users with intermediate to advanced level of computing expertise the hands-on experience required to progress their skill further or seek alternative career paths (if they choose to do so).

ADACS operates an internship program that is open to astronomy PhD students and in some cases
late-year undergraduate students. We aim to provide the successful applicants with a realistic experience of
working in a professional software development environment. In addition to the
technical experience to be gained from working closely with software developers on projects associated with
first-class computational and visualisation facilities the applicants will work directly within an Agile project
management framework.
On average two internships are available per year with calls for applications announced via the ASA mailing list and on the ADACS website. Internships are based at the Swinburne node, typically have a duration of three months and include a weekly stipend similar to that of a PhD scholarship. This program is in addition to the annual internship program available at Pawsey.

Previous Internship Projects

Creating UIs with Django – Hasti Nateghi

ADACS internship report -Zixian Wang (Purmortal)

Accelerating Astrophysical Insights: A DiFX Project – Bailey Sykes

Dashboards and Exoplanets – Alice Serene

Visualisation for COMPAS – Dr. Robert Džudžar

Making a splash with SPLASH – Josh Calcino

Developing software for OzSTAR – Conrad Chan

TAC Portal – T. Reichardt

Shaping a Galaxy – Suk Yee Yong