Learner profile of

Cosmological Simulations

Manuel writes and uses cosmological simulations. 

Their Skills include:

  • Using different compilers (C and Fortran)
  •  Setting up hpc environments 
    • Loading modules
    • Setting up .bashrc
  • Compiling and running MPI jobs (mpicc, pbs, slurm)
    • make , cmake
  • Debugging using a debugger (DDT)
  • HPC resource management and optimization (time/memory)
  • Configuring initial conditions
    • 2lptic
    • MUSIC
  • Evolve simulations
    • ENZO
    • ART
    • RAMSES
    • GADGET
    • SWIFT
    • Pkdgrav
  • Setting up and maintaining python env.
    • Numpy
    •  Scipy
    • H5py
    • Matplotlib
    • Astropy
    • Mpi4py
    • Emce
    • Pymc3
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